Goodnature Products, Inc.

Since 1976, when Goodnature founder Dale Wettlaufer invented the first ‘Roadsider’ press, this family-owned and operated company has been inventing, building and servicing some of the world’s highest quality juice and beverage processing equipment.

Based in Buffalo, NY, Goodnature strives to provide the industry’s best customer service staff. Laurus Business Computing supports these efforts by providing comprehensive technology services that guarantee Goodnature stays in harmony with its customers.

Network Engineering

When we were first introduced to Goodnature Products, their business technology solutions consisted of older, previous-generation equipment. Some steps we took to modernize their equipment and processes included server consolidation, network engineering and introducing terminal services for their custom legacy business software.

Soon after this modernization process was complete, Goodnature started to see a substantial growth spurt in both users and revenue. This growth required a network redesign to accommodate more users.

Laurus is currently deploying a next-generation network solution, developed hand-in-hand, in order to help transition Goodnature through this period of sizeable growth. With growth comes uncertainty, yet Goodnature never had to worry about their network, due to Laurus Business Computing.

HelpDesk Support

Helpdesk support services by Laurus Business Computing gives your company peace of mind that daily issues will not grind your productivity to a halt. Our professional technical support team quickly and effectively diagnoses problems and implements solutions, enabling you to fully-serve your customers.

A service we provide Goodnature is business email support, including assistance and demonstration using Microsoft Office Software. Data recovery and development, implementation and maintenance of a robust back-up solution is another important service we provide.

We are extremely comfortable working with third-party vendors, whether that involves facilitating support for third-party software or providing hardware troubleshooting, repairs and warranty claims with vendors.

As always, we are available for phone support for remote troubleshooting and onsite support to resolve any other issues that may arise during Goodnature’s day-to-day operations.

Disaster Recovery

Providing the Juice and Beverage industry’s best service requires business continuity, no matter the circumstances. When a fire destroyed Goodnature’s entire computer system late one Saturday night last fall, Laurus was there to make sure their business processes did not miss a beat.

Our first action was to organize the delivery of brand-new workstations to replace the damaged units. Utilizing our disaster-recovery technology, we were able to recover all critical data from all of Goodnature’s workstations and servers. These backups were stored remotely at the main office and replicated to a fireproof/waterproof data safe in the event of a fire at that location. Each workstation was then restored using bare-metal reimaging.

Additionally, we were able to transplant the rebuilt network and workstations to an untouched adjoining office space to ensure business flow would not be interrupted. With each workstation taking less than an hour to reimage, we had Goodnature back up and running critical systems at their new, identically configured computers by mid-morning Monday.

With Laurus Business Computing’s Disaster Contingency Plan, we were able to restore business-critical systems and return users to a working state within a few hours.

Services Applied

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