Chris Slebioda is an avid sports fan and, like many, he enjoys nothing more than having a spirited debate about his favorite teams and sports. Yet in many of these debates, after arguing his stance until he is blue in the face, he is left with one question: who is right?

After pondering this inherent flaw in sports debates, Chris began to formulate an idea… ‘What if I could grade a debate and once-and-for-all prove who is right and who is wrong?’. This idea turned into

Business Documents & Planning

With absolutely no knowledge of software application or database design, Chris brought his idea to us. In order to develop a full scope of what a project will do and how it will work, we develop an architectural blueprint for application design.

These documents are created for a few reasons:

  1. In order to flesh out the exact functionality you envision
  2. To determine the feasibility of each function
  3. To accurately create a budget so you know exactly what you are buying and what each piece of the project will cost
  4. To create an accurate timeline of development and deployment

Once collaboration and approval of this document is complete, we can begin development.


In order to deliver your product on time and on budget, we collaborate with you to create a product backlog. This document contains all tasks necessary to fully develop the product, with the understanding that changes often are needed during development.

Every two weeks we meet with the client to help you prioritize the list and choose tasks to be completed during the following two weeks. After those two weeks are up, we deliver the completed work, reprioritize, add tasks to the product backlog list as necessary and choose work to be completed the following two weeks.

Constant collaboration is crucial during this development process. Chris was always available to explain perceived functionality, design and provide feedback.

Utilizing Current Trends at its core, is a sports entertainment social media site that scores sports debates and crowns winners of those debates. It is built to utilize the top trends and functionalities today’s media provides. This includes the most popular social media platforms, blogging trends, web marketing strategies and website designs. More importantly, it is built to be adaptable to future changes in media that will surely come.

Bring Your Concept To Reality

When Chris brought Fandoozy to Laurus Business Computing, it was simply an idea. Through collaboration, we developed a complete conceptualization of his product, a blueprint of how to build it and a roadmap on when we would arrive at a finished product. By using our proven development methodology, we have truly brought his dream to life.

Services Applied

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