EngageNYbooks.com was an idea brought to us by Robin and Peter Evenhouse, brother-and-sister team and owners of Evenhouse Printing, LLC. With the adoption and implementation of Common Core Curriculum and Assessments in New York State schools, Evenhouse Printing quickly identified a profound change in the way schools would access and obtain teaching materials.

In order to capitalize on this emerging market, Evenhouse Printing wished to create an online shopping destination tailored to teachers and administrators looking for professionally-printed common core curriculum resources and materials. That is where we come in.

First To Market

With such a momentous shift in the educational resources market, Evenhouse Printing identified being first-to-market as an extremely important piece to their projected success.

In order to achieve this goal, we first created detailed architectural documents outlining all functionality of the website. Once this was approved by Evenhouse Printing, we established an aggressive timeline to build, test and deliver the product.

Since EngageNYbooks.com launched in March 2014, it is fulfilling many orders locally, and now, nationally. We attribute part of this early success to the fact that the site was delivered in time to be the first-to-market.

Customization To Meet Your Client's Needs

Crucial to the projected success of EngageNYbooks.com, was building a website that met the customer’s needs. Creating a user account and signing into that account is designed to be quick and easy.

For ease of use, product pages are organized by subject materials and then by grade. Customers have the ability to create and save orders, allowing them to resume shopping at a later date. Additionally, customers can access past orders, allowing for easy reordering.

By building a product with your customers in mind, visits to your website are of greater value to the customer and, in turn, generate more sales.


Every client that brings an idea to Laurus has a vision of what the end-product will look like. Our goal is to bring that vision to fruition, in the most functional and appealing way possible.

By combining our design sensibilities with yours, we will create a product that looks modern, is well-built and most importantly, is functional. In the case of EngageNYbooks.com, we created a website that looks great, but also incorporates Robin and Peter’s design sensibilities and functional necessities, such as their customized shopping cart and legal text.

The end-product may not be an exact replica of the client’s initial idea, but instead is a more refined product born out of collaboration.

Services Applied

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