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Designer Pools is the premier swimming pool installer for Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania. Founded by Norris Luther in 1982, Designer Pools is still family-owned and operated. They now occupy three locations and have installed thousands of swimming pools throughout the area.

Thirty years ago, when Designer Pools first opened, computers were virtually nonexistent in small business. Today, computer technology touches every aspect of their operation.

Laurus Business Computing provides Designer Pools with comprehensive technology services that range from network engineering, IT-Support, and prescheduled maintenance, to website and email hosting, to website design, SEO, and internet marketing.

Emergency Services

Designer Pools depends on secure high-speed internet connectivity between their three locations. They share files and applications between locations and their POS System uses a central database. Unfortunately, they were beset by connectivity failures and low network availability caused by a poorly engineered and unstable WAN.

These issues became intolerable just before Memorial Day weekend about five years ago. Memorial Day Weekend is a critical time in the swimming pool business, and Designer Pools experienced a total network failure.

Referred by a colleague, they contacted us for the first time. We were able to restore service and provide a temporary repair that allowed them to operate. Later we were able to reengineer their network and end their chronic availability issues.

Network Engineering

The WAN connecting the three Designer Pools Store locations was poorly engineered and unstable which caused frequent availability failures.

When asked to resolve this situation we took the following action: We first evaluated their requirements, and assessed their current installation. This helped us to know what was working and should be preserved, what could be repaired, and what needed replacement. We then created a plan and budget proposal which called for a server upgrade, a comprehensive security policy, and the appropriate firewalls to build a secure VPN between each location.

Finished and in place now for over four years this network provides consistent high availability near 100%, and an overall reduction in maintenance and service costs.

Web Design

Designer Pools sells a lifestyle. Yes, they sell beautiful in-ground pools, pool chemicals, and accessories, but what they truly provide is a place as close as your own backyard to be enjoyed by yourself, your friends, and your family. Your personal oasis for fun and relaxation.

So, when they asked us to create the finest in-ground pool industry website in the Western New York market the first question we asked was; how do we communicate the impression of peaceful relaxation and beauty on the web?

We always start with research. We look at what is currently being done. Most pool installer websites don’t visually convey an impression of beauty and relaxation. The combination of too much technical text, multiple small inset pictures of pools, heaters, parts, and strangers splashing around have the opposite effect. Combine this with the occasional flashing image that says ‘Sale’ or ‘No Payments until Labor Day’ and the website have all the charm of a visit to a used car lot.

We designed to inspire the potential in-ground buyer. We feature attractive properly composed images of the pools that are available. This way we help the buyer envision the pool in their own back yard and imagine their family and friends enjoying the luxury lifestyle of pool ownership.

This approach works, and we have the business metrics, like website statistics and direct inquiries, to prove it.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing uses the internet and email to drive sales. Internet marketing and online advertising is typically implemented in conjunction with traditional types of advertising like radio, television, and print.

Designer Pools asked Laurus to provide Internet Marketing support for their participation in the Buffalo Home Show. We created a Home Show specific landing page within their newly redesigned website, researched and complied an effective list of keywords and phrases, crafted pay-per-click advertising copy that attracted well qualified customers to, set up traffic statistics to measure the quality of our results, and managed the entire campaign.

Additionally, we designed and printed show materials with QR (Quick Response) codes making it easy for Home Show attendees to visit their website and see the full range of products that are available.

Services Applied

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